Anne Angyal - Keyboards & Music Production

Anne Angyal - Keyboards and Music Production

In 2012, while living in Honolulu, I received a copy of Reason and started to compose music on the computer.  My karaoke friends then started singing along to my tracks, I upgraded to Ableton Live and stilllifehonolulu was born.  I performed around Honolulu, was lucky to able to be included on a Mana Maoli compilation album, and also produced music for my friend's synthpop band Bird of Paradise.  A couple of years ago, I moved back to Pittsburgh and started a studio project called AANNGGEE with another producer.  In 2017, I began to further my knowledge of mixing audio in Pro Tools by completing a class at Berklee Online.  

Making music on the computer gives me lots of tools and sounds to create textures from my imagination.   It was a natural extension from the original piano compositions I started making and performing after being in an experimental band in college.  In addition to the piano, I've also played clarinet, violin and oboe.  It is in this way that I move back and forth between creation and skills, with students either on the keyboards, in the box, or both.  
I look forward to exploring whatever excites you about making music and sound.

–Anne Angyal

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