November 03, 2017 

Instructor Spotlight -- Anne Angyal

Music Production Teacher Anne Angyal

How did you get started playing your instrument (or doing music production)?

I started piano lessons at the age of 4 and started music production when a friend gave me a copy of Reason about 6 years ago. I started making beats and loops and then some friends wanted me to record them singing to it.


What is your favorite kind of music to play or make?

My favorite kind of music to make on the computer is something that makes me move. My favorite kind of music to play is lush with reverbs, delays and loops on keyboards and piano.


What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

On rotational repeat are Jay Som, Mdnsgn, Jakuzi and Jakuzi.


What advice do you have for our aspiring musicians out there?

Be yourself, experiment and seek out new ways of listening. There are so many ways to make music and connect to each other - it's pretty amazing!


Check out Anne’s music here.

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