September 19th - BurghSong Concert Series I

Sunburst School of Music is proud to present the inaugural show of BurghSong Concert Series.

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September 12th - Fall Open House

Join us for an afternoon of free music lessons, performances and studio tours.

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August 29th - Squirrel Hill Night Market

Sunburst Rocks will open up a new exciting event in our neighborhood!

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August 22nd - Sunburst Rocks: Yer Blue

Saturday's Sunburst Rocks  kids will be your soundtrack at The Run Around the Square! 

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August 15th - Sunburst Rocks: Yer Blue

 Monday's Sunburst Rocks  kids are hitting the stage for Lawrenceville's largest music festival, RANT

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October 25th - Hard Rock Cafe

Sunburst Rocks Band will be performing at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh

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August 4th - Point Breeze Recital

Sunburst invites all students to showcase their talents for National Night Out! 

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June 28th - Sunburst Rocks Presents: Suburbia

Come join in on the fun with our talented Sunburst Rocks Band at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.


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May 31st - Sunburst Spring Concert and Fundraiser

Sunburst School of Music is hosting a spring concert and fundraiser for all students on all instruments of all skill levels! 

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May 29th - Sunburst Rocks Presents: Darkside Of The Decade

Don't fear the FOMO if you miss their debute at Hard Rock Cafe! Sunburst Rocks has their encore of Darkside Of The Decade at Pittsburgh Liberty School.

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Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


Sunburst School of Music

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