Heather DiCocco - Guitar, Piano

Heather DiCocco - Guitar, Piano

I began learning about music in piano lessons as a kid. In high school I decided to get a guitar and teach myself some chords. I mostly played quietly in my room until I started guitar lessons with a teacher who really encouraged me to sing more and try writing songs. I didn’t consider myself a singer but it was through that encouragement that I began gigging around my town with my own music. The act of creating something and sharing it with others was fascinating and very beneficial to me as a teenager. During this time I was also working at a nursing home where I was discovering how much I could connect with residents through music. These experiences with music led me to the decision to study music in college. In 2016, I graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in music therapy and concentration in piano. Outside of class I enjoyed being involved in musical theatre, performing at open mics, and learning to play the drums.

I went on to intern at Clarion Psychiatric Center and then moved to Pittsburgh where I began facilitating music therapy groups in schools and nursing homes throughout the region. I currently teach marimba, drumming, and music expression classes at a wellness program that promotes brain health. Since stepping into a teaching role, I find importance in being able to manage different ability levels so everyone feels like their needs are being met. Just like my guitar teacher’s encouragement opened the doors to my singing and writing, I hope to do the same for my students. It's my goal to guide people to positive and meaningful experiences with music.

When I’m not making music at work, I have a lot of fun with my band. We tend to focus on 3-part female harmony, folky upbeat covers of angsty 90’s hits, and making the audience laugh. My bandmates call me the Swiss army knife of the band because I play whatever instrument is needed. I tend to rotate between guitar, vocals, percussion, mandolin, and (definitely not the most annoying instrument in the world) the washboard.


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