Kevin Lynch - Drums & Guitar

Kevin Lynch - Drums & Guitar

Kevin is a successfully converted athlete-turned-artist, led astray from the ball field by the zest of the Chili Peppers, the reverie of Rancid, the suavity of Wes Montgomery. To be fair, he always had a creative inkling, from writing comics on spelling tests to filming over his parents' wedding with his own mockumenary. Drums and guitar, however, persisted as his preferred creative outlets.

Through his adolescent years he flourished in regional and state high school jazz bands and college rock groups. He also soon fancied himself a Logic Pro expert after recording nearly a dozen albums, both live and studio. Now, fresh off his stint at the University of Pittsburgh where he studied Political Science and wrote for Pitt News, Kevin has fully committed himself to the pursuit of art, playing drums for many of Pittsburgh's hottest original and cover bands. He couldn't be more excited to teach drums and guitar at Sunburst, a chance to finally reciprocate on the wonderful mentorship he has had on his own artistic journey.


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