Max Robinette

Max Robinette - Guitar, Piano, Ukulele


My name is Max Robinette. I’m 26, and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh where I grew up in a very musical family and played constantly throughout my childhood. I went to North Allegheny High School, and from there went to Music School at CCAC, where I focused on classical piano and interpretations of pieces. I then transferred to La Roche College, where I majored in English and Writing, still playing music all the while.

After college, I moved to Nashville to try my hand at the songwriting-scene. It was a blast, but I missed Pittsburgh, so I came back, and worked in restaurants and flipping houses, often with fellow musicians.

After a while of saving up money here, I got restless to do something new. So last year, through an incredible opportunity with the Peace Corps, I got to go to Lesotho (Africa), where I assisted in the building of a library and computer lab in a small village in the country, as well as getting to teach Life Skills classes to kids aged 8-15. It was an indescribable experience. Getting to teach and engage kids was one of the most fun and most fulfilling things I have done.

I’ve played solo as well as with many projects and with many fellow musicians around Pittsburgh and with many touring acts who came through the city including:(projects I was in) Robin Vote, Franny Moon, The Repeaters, (bands I played with) Andre Costello and the Cool Minors, The Harlan Twins, Ghost Guts, The Working Poor, Gary Musisko, Dean Cercone, Smokey Bellows, Bad Custer (nationally touring acts) Audia Victoria, and The Seratones.

My main instruments are guitar and piano, but I can also play banjo, mandolin, harmonica, melodica, bass, drums, and of course... maracas.

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