Band Coaching

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Similar to the Sunburst Rocks program, our bands come together for weekly 2 hour sessions to work on everything from rehearsing for an upcoming gig, to how to book the next one. The program goes beyond tightening up as a group into songwriting, branding and music business.

Our goal with the Band Coaching program is to be a link for young groups between the rehearsal room and the real world. Our Band Coaching bands perform in our Group Program Showcases and our also encouraged to book shows and promote on their own and with help from our instructors.


  • Ask about times
  • 2 hour class (average of 4 classes/month)
  • $120/month per person
  • Band members are added only at the discretion of current members, like a real band (we also help our bands navigate some of the tricky stuff like this).

Contact us to get involved with Band Coaching today!

Band Coaching

Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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