Sunburst Rocks Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists are young musicians on the rise, eager to hit the stage and perform. This program is for kids 8+ who have a few months of private lessons and basic fundamental skills on either guitar, bass, drums, keys or voice. The goal is for kids to use these new skills and work together as a band to put on an amazing show, and make giant personal strides in the process.


Each season (Fall, Spring, Summer) features a new set of songs centered around a certain genre, artist, album or time period with an end-of-season concert. Kids work on individual parts in private lessons and come together each week for a group band rehearsal. Rehearsals include warm-up activities that reinforce foundational skills, practicing songs together and creative activities like songwriting and recording.

Sunburst Rocks Emerging Artists is a 90 minute session once per week and year round program. It's appropriate for kids who have been playing for a few months and have reached a few ability milestones. Space is reserved each season for newcomers to join any month of the year and still have a role in the upcoming show. 


-Tue, 5-6:30pm, Thu 5-6:30pm

-90 minute sessions (4 sessions/month).



-Ages 8+

-A few months of private lessons on one instrument or graduation from Sunburst Rocks EXPLORE required, ask your instructor if your child is ready. 

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Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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