Sunburst Recording Club

Ever wanted to know how the songs you heard on the radio, the soundtrack to your favorite musical, or sound effects from your favorite cartoon were made? Look no further than the Sunburst Recording Club!

recording club logoThis club, which meets once a week on Saturday mornings, will take a look at recording from the ground up, starting with tape machines and analog mixers and ending with modern digital audio workstations.

Using the scientific method through weekly experiments, students will gain a basic understanding of sound, energy, and physics. Theses experiments will give students the foundation for their own creative projects, such as hosting their own radio show, making their own commercial jingles, and making weird experimental noise music. They will also have the opportunity to use their skills for such practical purposes as recording and running sound for Sunburst's group performance programs.


  • Saturdays 9-11am
  • 2 hour class (average of 4 classes/month)
  • $120/month


  • The Sunburst Recording Club does not require an audition nor extensive musical ability, but does recommend that students show enthusiasm for both science and music.

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Recording Club

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