2017 Spring Break and Summer Camps

Spring Break and Summer Camps for the 2017 season are here, sign up today! Camps at Sunburst are weeklong extravaganzas of music and art with each camp exploring a different theme, artist, time period or project. 

camp showOur camps run M-F 9am-3pm with an extended day on Friday including a concert for friends and family (3-4pm). Some camps require a moderate amount of experience with either piano, guitar, vocals, bass, drums, ukulele or another instrument, with a minimum of a few months of lessons being our guideline. Don't hesitate to ask us or your instructor about which camps would be most appropriate for your child's experience level.

Our camps are $349 for a full week of music and fun, check the bottom of this page for info on discounts for families and referrals! Here are the camps:

Night at the Hip-Rock Opera: Vol II

A create-your-own-hip-hop-rock-opera Summer Camp

rock opera posterOur Rock Opera camp is all about student creativity and the composition of an entire concept album. Following in the footsteps of the musical “Hamilton,” our rockstar campers will create and perform a completely original concept album that incorporates elements of rock, hip-hop, and many other genres.  

This camp is all about giving our students the ability to create an entirely original rock opera from the ground up. The storyline, music, and lyrics will all be student created and will specifically feature hip-hop and rock styles.

Over the course of the week, the students will formulate a storyline that will be reflected by their own original music. Our teachers will guide the campers through the songwriting process and help them create an album's worth of original, story driven music! Other activities through the course of the week will include prop design, computer made logos and settings, and much more!


  • Dates: June 19-23rd (First full week off for Pittsburgh Public)

  • What’s the gist of it? A whirlwind, weeklong project camp where kids write and perform a hip hop/rock opera from scratch!

  • What ages can attend? 7-15

  • Is this camp right for me? The multimedia nature of this camp makes  it appropriate for anyone interested in music, drama, art, lighting regardless of prior musical instrument experience.

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Warped Summer

Punk Rock Summer Tour Summer Camp

BIG CHEFSSunburst is celebrating the legendary Warped Tour, so get ready for a punk rock summer boot camp. We’ll be learning classic hits from past Warped Tour alums, writing our own angsty gems, while analyzing some punk rock history. This will be leading up to our final DIY outdoor performance. Know four chords?You’re in the band!

The Warped Tour has been the longest running touring music festival in North America. The tour has been home to a diverse lineup of up and coming and well established punk, pop-punk, ska, hardcore, and pop acts (Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Bad Religion, My Chemical Romance, Katy Perry).

Besides learning the classics, these young punks will understand the dynamics of booking a DIY summer tour, dive into the art of designing and creating band merchandise (Flyers/Butters/Summer Tour Shirt) and record and promote our punk summer hit single! This revolution starts with 4 chords.


  • Dates: June 26-30th

  •  What’s the gist of it? Punk-rock-summer-tour-band-performance camp! In addition to learning and writing new songs, students will learn how to book a tour, print t-shirts, and perform for screaming fans.

  •  What ages can attend? 10-17

  •  Is this camp right for me? This camp is for kids who have at least a few months experience playing either guitar, piano, drums, bass, uke or singing.

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Camp Studio

Recording Studio Summer Camp, let's make an album!

camp studioIn Camp Studio kids will work as a team to create an album in a week! Kids will learn how to do everything from writing and arranging songs to mixing an album and creating videos and album art. Ever wondered how music is made? What happens after the singer sings the note but before you get to hear it? Come with us to the magical world of audio recording and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In this weeklong camp students will work together to create an album. We’ll start with pre-production, which is writing and arranging songs and getting them ready to record. Next is “tracking” where kids will learn how to record music from “both sides of the glass”, spending time as both the musicians performing and the engineers running the equipment. Finally in post production, we’ll mix and master our works, create an album cover and music videos, and get them ready to present to the public!

Our goal for the week is for everyone to go home with a finished album of their own creation, but it’s also for kids to learn the tools of the trade and go home with the skills they need to keep making records on their own.


  • Dates: August 7-11th

  •  What’s the gist of it? Write songs, record them, make an album, learn new skills!

  •  What ages can attend? 10-17

  •  Is this camp right for me? This camp is for kids of any experience level who have an interest in songwriting, recording or music production

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Camp Discounts

We have a few options for saving money on our camps this year. Discounts cannot be combined, so choose which is best for you:

Bring a Friend

  • Enroll for a camp with a non-family member friend who is totally new to Sunburst and BOTH campers get $150 OFF!! Use Coupon code CAMPFRIENDS at checkout. For the new student this must be there very first Sunburst experience. 

Family Discount

  • $30 OFF of camps for siblings, use coupon code CAMPFAMILY at check out.

Early Bird Discount

  • $50 OFF of camps before March 1st EXTENDED TO MARCH 31st! Use coupon code EARLYCAMP at checkout.

Multiple Camps Discount

  • Sign the same student up for multiple camps and receive $100 OFF of all but the first. Use coupon code MULTICAMP at checkout.


Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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