The SunTones

The Suntones is for kids ages 10 & up interested in singing within a group setting. This program focuses on teaching kids about melody lines, harmonies, and song patterns while singing with background music or singing A'cappella.

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Once a week, students will meet for a 2 hour rehearsal, preparing for the upcoming concert at the end of the season. Similar to the Sunburst Rocks program, The Suntones will run all year with new themes and set lists for the Fall, Spring and Summer season. Unlike any other program at Sunburst School of Music, The Suntones focuses only on singing, making the voice the instrument for all sounds, whether it be drums, keys, guitar, horns, etc.  


-Sundays 3-5pm

-120 min class (4-5 classes/month).



-Some ability requirements & preseason audtions, talk to your instructor for details.

Spring 2018 Season "Nothin' But '90s" begins with Auditions Sunday January 7th 3-5pm

The Suntones Spring 2018 theme - Nothin' but '90s

The age of boy bands, grunge, and All That. We’ve decided to forget the year 2018 and make a retrograde movement to our comforting past of singing bye bye bye to those millennial blues. We want it that way, and by that way, we mean that “Nothin’ but ‘90s” is our spring a cappella theme.

Tell you why?! Well, the ‘90s was one of the most transformative decades of pop, alt-rock, and r&b. Although none of you guys lived the ‘90s, we know you still live and breathe the decade of your parents’ marriage. Plus, there’s so much to explore including the beginning of the careers of artists like Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Dave Grohl, and more!

The season will kick-off with auditions, a Q&A of what ‘90s songs you’d like to perform this season (that’s right, you get to pick the songs!!), and then we’ll begin to learn the first song of the season (Chloe and Kiki get to pick at least one). We know your first thought— “AHHHH AUDITIONS!!!” Don’t worry. We simply want to make sure you can sing harmonies, which is crucial for a cappella singing. After that, it’ll be smooth sailing and ‘90s bliss–O.A.R. bust.

Get in touch with us here to sign up!

Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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