The SunTones

The Suntones is for kids ages 10 & up interested in singing within a group setting. This program focuses on teaching kids about melody lines, harmonies, and song patterns while singing with background music or singing A'cappella.

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Once a week, students will meet for a 2 hour rehearsal, preparing for the upcoming concert at the end of the season. Similar to the Sunburst Rocks program, The Suntones will run all year with new themes and set lists for the Fall, Spring and Summer season. Unlike any other program at Sunburst School of Music, The Suntones focuses only on singing, making the voice the instrument for all sounds, whether it be drums, keys, guitar, horns, etc.  


-Sundays 3-5pm

-120 min class (4 classes/month).



-Some ability requirements & preseason audtions, talk to your instructor for details.

Summer 2018 Theme - 15 Minutes of Fame

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“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”
–Andy Warhol

This summer the Sunburst group programs will be exploring the theme “15 Minutes of Fame”. Students will work together with their instructors to determine what this theme means to them, and put together a smashing setlist for their end of season shows. Maybe it’s a set of all one hit wonders, or The Velvet Underground & Nico in its entirety, or all songs that mention the famous quote, the possibilities are almost endless.
The summer season 15 Minutes of Fame kicks off for Sunburst Rocks Main Stage, Sunburst Rocks Emerging Artists and the Suntones in the first week of June (June 10th for Suntones). After an awesome summer of creative music making, we’ll put it all together on stage at our end of season concert in the last week of August.

Get in touch with us here to sign up!

Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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