We are offering our first ever Group Songwriting Class over Zoom! This biweekly course will be held remotely every other Wednesday from 7:30-9pm starting on April 29th. We will be offering a teen section for students ages 14-17, and an adult, 18+ group that will meet on opposite weeks. You can expect to learn the tools to write your own music by analyzing the songs you love in addition to the work of your peers. Our goal is to help you grow as writers and musicians through collaboration and practicing creativity together.

This class will focus on techniques and practices for coming up with new ideas, using your memory and the world around you to create an inspiring environment, and honing your songwriting craft!  Songs and ideas are everywhere in the world around us, and this class will help train your brain to notice them when they leap out at you, harness them and develop them into your own unique creation.  We will also talk about song structure, music and lyrics, and work together to help each other grow as writers and musicians!

Weekly Outline

1 - Introduction: Generating ideas, finding inspiration, borrow and steal, song structures/lyrical styles

2 - Song Structures:  verse/chorus structure and use of idioms. We will go over several examples of this, dissect the songs in lyric diagrams, talk about what makes this a powerful way to deliver a story and where it is best used.

Song Share: As a part of this class, participants will be writing one song per month.  It does not have to be completed, but enough to present an idea to the rest of the course participants (words and music).  These songs will be shared with the other participants, and we will all discuss the song's effectiveness, the techniques incorporated, and areas that could be improved.  Great songs aren’t written - they are re-written!

3 - Object Writing: Writing from Conversation, Recent Experience, Day to Day life Inspiration from Existing Works and Memory

4 - Song structure: Tagline songs, Personal narrative.  We will go over several examples of this, dissect the songs in lyric diagrams, talk about what makes this a powerful way to deliver a story and where it is best used

Song Share: Round 2


  • Class meets Biweekly for 4 classes on Wednesdays from 7:30-9pm:
  • Adults - 4/29, 5/13, 5/27, 6/10
  • Teens - 5/6, 5/20, 6/3, 6/17
  • Full Course - $159 ($149 for current students use code SONGWRITINGSTUDENT at checkout)

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 Meet your instructor, Shane

Loving music from a very young age, I jumped around instrument wise until finding the guitar in middle school and truly falling in love.  This allowed me to discover my true passion in music - writing songs! Using music and lyrics to express our emotions, tell a story, or just to have fun is an incredibly rewarding, revealing, and exhilarating experience, and I am so excited to be teaching this class!  

Songwriting Experience and Education: 

  • Minor in Music at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Summer Songwriting Intensive at New York University
  • 15 years of songwriting experience, in various groups, including Buffalo Rose (We've had our music recognized by NPR!)