Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Setups

Learning to play guitar, bass or uke can be tough! Especially when you’re playing an instrument that’s either been kicking around an attic for a while, or was recently packed and shipped from overseas. Sunburst is happy to help get your instrument in good playing condition with setups and restringing

Fun fact: guitars are made of wood! As the seasons come and go they shrink and contract which changes the way the strings and frets align and thus the tuning, intonation and overall playability of the instrument. A “setup” involves carefully tweaking several adjustable features of the guitar to compensate for these changes. It’s usually recommended to have your guitar set up twice per year, in the winter and in the summer. We’ll also put on fresh strings, deal with any loose or missing parts, and shine it up for you.

Setups can take between a few days and a week, depending on the exact diagnosis. In most cases students will be able to leave their instrument after their lessons and pick it up the next week ready to play.

Having your guitar, bass or uke set up and restrung makes it easier and more enjoyable to play which can have a big impact on practicing for beginners and advanced players alike.


  • Restringing - $25 
  • Full Setup - $40 (Includes Restringing + Neck Adjustments, Intonation, String Action)

If your instrument requires a larger repair or maintenance beyond a typical setup, we do this work at a rate of $60/hr. We’ll make sure to discuss any of these issues with you during diagnosis before any work is done.

Call, email, or stop by the school with your instrument to get it ready to play today!


Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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