Shane McLaughlin - Guitar & Piano

My passion for music began at a young age with my parents introducing me to the music of Motown and the rock, pop and soul music that they grew up on. I began studying piano at age 6 and dabbled in the pursuit of several other instruments before truly finding my place with guitar and choral music in middle school.

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Jonathan Cordle - Guitar

I found my mom’s old, dusty guitar beneath our basement steps when I was 12 years old. Playing piano since the age of 5 and growing up with an insatiable fascination in music, I was quickly hooked. I noticed the Do-It-Yourself approach that my favorite punk bands lived by and so I followed suit by teaching myself to play along with my favorite songs and form bands with my friends. I immersed myself in the local music scene and took notes from the performances that captivated me the most. Everything I took in influenced my own endeavors of writing and performing.


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Rosanna Pattera - Voice and Ukulele

At a young age, Rosanna began performing in musical theater productions with the Civic Light Opera in Pittsburgh on the Benedum and Byham Theaters. She continued performing in school and community theater musical productions until the end of high school.

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Tim Vernon - Music Production, DJing & Keyboards

Tim Vernon is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and DJ based in Western PA. He combines acoustic instrumentation and analog hardware to create live sets that are dance floor friendly. As Telavision, Vernon has released music on MISC and Machine Age records, and has received attention from multiple media outlets across the country.

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Lucas Bowman - Keyboards

Whether it was the Cuban songs my mother sang to me or the rock records my father played, music has always been an important part of my life. I started taking Classical piano lessons at a young age and later in high school would also pick up the guitar and drums as I played in various groups. Towards the end of high school I discovered my passion for Jazz music and entered Duquesne University to study music. 

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Jules Coulson - Drums

My passion for music began at 12 years old when I was gifted a drum kit and a few jazz CDs for my birthday. I would play the drums to  until my parents yelled at me to stop, then sometimes just sit and stare at the drum kit, marveling at its beauty and endless source of creativity. 


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Kiki Brown, Voice Teacher

Kiki Brown - Voice

I’ve been very fortunate to have a fairly well-rounded vocal music background. I started singing and performing as a very young girl in church. I kept at it throughout high school, where I met six other fantastic singers who constituted my first band....

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Alex Stanton, Guitar Teacher

Bryan Persinger - Guitar

Bryan Persinger is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. After graduating from the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative And Performing Arts, Bryan went on to study music performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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Ben Rossman, Guitar Teacher

Ben Rossman - Bass

As an actively gigging bass player, I have had the opportunity to play a variety of shows with a wide array of musicians. Currently I write songs and play bass (electric and upright) for a soul/funk/jazz band, Lyndsey Smith and the Soul Distribution, and we tour through the Pennsylvania area. We have played multiple large-scale shows, including opening for Tower of Power at the Altar Bar and playing a private party for the lead actor in Grease 2. I also have played in local house bands and large musical productions and written songs for solo artists...

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Annina DeBerardinis - Drums

In 2014, I graduated from Slippery Rock University with a degree in Music Therapy and a concentration in percussion. During my time there, I had the opportunity to study and perform various styles of music such as Rock, Jazz, Latin, and Contemporary, etc. My favorite percussion instruments that I studied and still use as a performer are drum set and hand percussion. I have played percussion with various artists around Pittsburgh such as Sol Persona and Avi Diamond performing pop, rock, and experimental influenced music.

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Chloe Wieczorek - Keyboards & Voice

Ever since I was little, music has played a huge role in my life. I began studying piano at age 7. I loved how the instrument gave me an outlet to explore my creativity, and give life to the ideas going on in my head. By age 11, I was introduced to jazz. I absolutely loved the way the style conveyed emotion and embraced unique chords, allowing me to easily express myself and connect to the music. It was with jazz that I found a love for singing while playing the piano. 

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