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Ben Rossman, Bass Guitar Teacher

As an actively gigging bass player, I have had the opportunity to play a variety of shows with a wide array of musicians. Currently I write songs and play bass (electric and upright) for a soul/funk/jazz band, Lyndsey Smith and the Soul Distribution, and we tour through the Pennsylvania area. We have played multiple large-scale shows, including opening for Tower of Power at the Altar Bar and playing a private party for the lead actor in Grease 2. I also have played in local house bands and large musical productions and written songs for solo artists...

As a child, I studied piano and drums privately from kindergarten until 8th grade and eventually picked up the bass guitar because my friends were starting a band without a bass player. At that moment I knew I had found the instrument that felt like a natural extension of myself. Since then I have dedicated my life to music, the bass and attended Duquesne University for jazz bass performance.

I now study privately with some of the best musicians in the world in the fields of music theory, composition, and performance. In order for music to be appreciated, it must be shared, and I believe that it’s something in everyone’s heart. For me, playing bass isn’t just about the action; it’s about saying something without the need for words. Being able to share my knowledge of the musical language is the highlight of my musical endeavors, and I hope that everyone gets the chance to enjoy the wonderful intricacies of the musical world.

Knowledge is only one question away.

—Ben Rossman