Tyler Gunzenhauser

Tyler Gunzenhauser

Tyler is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he grew up as an only-child—unless you count his dogs, Newman and Gunnar, since Tyler’s mother always says the three of them are brothers. As a child, Tyler’s parents always encouraged him to try new things: sports, music, art, baking, science experiments, it was all fair-game in the Gunzenhauser household, but it was at the age of five that Tyler fell in love with the piano. In fact, that same love for the piano, having been nurtured by seventeen years of lessons, practice, performances, and even a college degree has grown into a love for all things music and inspired Tyler to pursue a musical career.

Tyler graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Duquesne University, where he studied piano under the tutelage of Kenneth Burky. During his time at Duquesne, Tyler was a member of the university’s top choir, Voices of Spirit, in which he served as the section leader for the second tenors, and earned the piano department’s award for exemplary exam performances for two consecutive years. At this point in his musical career, Tyler has gained experience as a classical pianist, jazz pianist, pit orchestra pianist, solo voice/instrument accompanist, and choral accompanist. In addition to his training in music, Tyler minored in philosophy, with an emphasis on research concerning the philosophy of music. Tyler firmly believes that his studies have helped him to grow as a musician/music educator and that music, at its core, is an expressive art. It is this belief in the nature of music that forms the foundation of his teaching philosophy and his own personal musicianship.

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