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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  October 03, 2018 

Instructor Concert Calendar - October 2018

See performances from your favorite Sunburst Instructors!


Wreck Loose - "Trapped in the Basement" Single and Video Release - Spirit - Fri, Oct 26th


Buffalo Rose w/ Pokey Lafarge - The Rex Theatre - Sat, Oct 13th


Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  October 03, 2018 

Instructor Concert Calendar - November 2018

See performances from your favorite Sunburst Instructors!

Jonathan C
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Pittsburgh Musical Theater - Begins Fri, Nov 9th
Chloe, Ben R.
The Friday Night Special - Market Square - Nov 16th
Chloe, Kevin
Chloe Wiecz Collective - Cattivo - Sat, Dec 1st


Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  October 03, 2018 

Sunburst Partnering with CMU Cognitive Development Lab

Sunburst is well, partnering with the CMU Cognitive Development Lab to help with some studies involving learning in adolescence. If you’re interested in having your child be a part of one of their studies, please find and complete the questionnaire in our waiting room and be a part of some exciting and important research!

Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  October 03, 2018 

Performance Time - Winter Recitals Announced

Recital You’ve been working hard, practicing and perfecting your craft, now it’s time to hit the stage and perform! Recitals at Sunburst are the most fun time of the year, when all of our students showcase their musical growth with their peers, their friends and their families. Whether you’ve been at it for years, or just learned your first melody last week, it’s never too early in your career to start sharing your music with an accepting audience.

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  August 31, 2018 

Send us your music for #Tunesday!

Sunburst Students! Send us a video of you practicing or performing something you've been working on, cover or original and we'll post it to our instagram on #tunesday! Send submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  August 17, 2018 

Greeting from Camp Studio 2018

Studio TimeThis years Camp Studio was the biggest and most fun yet! We had a great team of creative young musicians and producers, who really worked hard on the camp's number one goal: making an album in a week. We began with songwriting on Monday and moved our creations through the music production process throughout the week, including basic tracking, overdubs, mixing and mastering. We also crafted music videos for a few of our songs and put on an all original concert for friends and family! 

Here's our album: 


And music videos for "Friends" and "Dead Dancer":



At the request of some of our campers, here are the stems for some of our tracks. "stems" are the individual tracks that make up a song, which can be used for making your own remixes. Basically each layer of the song becomes it's own audio file, all of which are exactly the same length, so that when you load it into your favorite DAW software (check out Sunburst's Music Production Buyers Guide for tips) everything lines up correctly. If you're using Garageband, loading stems as as simple as opening a new project and just dragging all of the stem files together into the arrange window. 

If you have any questions about how to do this, let us know, we'd be happy to help.

Thanks everyone for an amazing week! 

 IMG 7176 3IMG 7177 1




Sunburst Music Production Guide to Buying Software and Hardware

Whether you’re taking music production lessons with us at Sunburst, recording your band, making beats, or composing chart topping EDM there are a lot of directions music production can take you, but only one place to start!

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  July 02, 2018 

Instructor Concert Calendar - August 2018

It’s a busy season for your favorite Sunburst instructors, here’s where you can catch them!

Shane, John O., Ben R.

Casey (and Alex)

  • Donora at Allegheny County Summer Concert Series - South Park Amphitheater - Fri, Aug 10


  • Empath Sober Bar Pop Up - 5341 Kincaid St - Fri, Aug 17th



Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  August 02, 2018 

Instructor Band CD’s for Sale!

Instructor Band CD'sDid you know that many of your favorite Sunburst instructors are also original artists, writing songs, touring and making records?! Cool huh? Support your local music and arts scene by purchasing sunburst instructor’s band’s CD’s from the front desk (and then listening on Spotify ;)

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Greetings from Robot Takeover Camp

When our Robot Takeover campers arrived on monday morning, all they had was a pile of wood, 16 servo motors, one controller, and a computer. Using their imaginations and some critical thinking, the students used these supplies to create a music-playing robot named Bobert.

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Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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