Guitar Lessons

The guitar has been the central instrument in rock and pop music since the beginning, for anyone who’s ever dreamed of picking and strumming their way to glory, we’re here to help. Our mission with our guitar lessons is to help students define goals and then gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to fulfill them.

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Voice Lessons

The voice is not only the oldest instrument, but it's the only one everyone is born with and carries with them all the time. Voice lessons at Sunburst are about learning how to control and utilize your specific voice, the one that you and only you have. Singing is not just for “naturals” who seem to born with it, anyone can learn to operate their voice and make beautiful music!

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Drum Lessons

Drums are the heartbeat of the music we love and are a challenging, exciting and fulfilling instrument for students of all ages. Our drum instructors have worked with young beginners as well as advanced players looking to make their mark on the music industry and love helping players of all levels improve and have fun.

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Piano and Keyboard Lessons

Learning the piano is a great skill for life! Our goal with all piano students is to make the instrument fun and approachable, teach essential skills and to build confidence and character through performance. We have provided piano lessons to kids as young as 4, adults who are in their 70’s and many students between from all walks of life.

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Bass Lessons

For those interested in holding down the low end we offer bass lessons for electric and upright. The bass is a beautiful instrument and hugely important to all of the popular music of the last century, our bass instructors work with kids and adults from total beginners to seasoned players looking to take the next step.

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Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele has been gaining in popularity recently with the success of artists like Grace VanderWaald on America’s Got Talent, people are discovering that it’s a beautiful instrument with a low barrier to entry. Most of our guitar teachers play and teach ukulele as the two instruments have much in common, including tuning which makes it so chord shapes and scales move easily from one to the other.

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DJ and Music Production Lessons

These days DJ’s are packing arena’s and putting out some of the worlds most beloved recordings, not only is it a very popular genre of music “DJing” is becoming a very popular instrument. Our DJ and Music Production Lessons cover every aspect of creating your sound from the ground up. Using a variety of hardware and software including old school turntables and MPC’s, right up to today’s industry standard Ableton Live, our instructors will help you learn the basics of sound.

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Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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