Our 2019 Summer Camps are here! Each camp is an action packed week of creative music making, art projects and performances. Read about the camps and sign up below!

Also check out our discounts section for ways to save on multiple camps etc., and read our FAQ section at the bottom. Let us know here if you have any questions, happy camping!

Junk Yard Jams

Junk Yard JamsdrillJunk Yard Jams Camp will have campers digging for their Gold Record by crafting instruments out of trash and recycled materials to create their own unique sounds within an experimental rock ensemble. Inspired by the documentary Landfill Harmonics featuring the famous youth orchestra, Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, campers will learn about waste, how human ingenuity uses trash to make useful products, and how we can make the most of limited resources. We’ll put everything we’ve learned together to make a music video and an eco friendly performance for an end-of-week concert.

Throughout the week, campers will use unconventional materials and basic hand tools to build their own unique instruments that’s inspired by percussions, string and wind instruments or wherever their imagination takes them. A review of the documentary The Landfill Harmonics and other inspiring examples will expose campers to the cultural differences of everyday life within marginal social economic groups and how inventive musicians use trash to make masterpieces.

Recyclables and materials will be provided by Sunburst, however, campers are welcome to bring their own recycled collections to camp. No specific musical instrument experience is required.


Dates: June 24th-28th

Times: 9am-3pm

Ages: 7-15

Price: $349

To sign up for camp, follow the link below to check out. If you are a current or former Sunburst student you already have a Pike 13 account, otherwise follow the instructions for setting one up. After checking out you will receive an email with the Camp Registration packet.

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night at the pop operaNight at the Pop-Opera

Camp PerformanceGet ready to throw on your POP-arazzi shades and live the life of a mega pop star for a whole week in this year's installment of Night at The Pop Opera. Through music and a story line that YOU get to create, you'll write your own billboard topping pop hits and stylize your clothes in a flashy fashion! Fly your private jet down to Sunburst and become the P-P-P-Pop star you were born to be! *private jets not provided*

Join Sunburst for another epic edition of our inspiring musical theater camp, Night at
The Pop Opera. Campers will learn the entire framework of developing a Pop Opera, influenced by their favorite pop songs, and write an original storyline told entirely through singing and instrumentals. In addition to creating a lyrical narrative, campers will work together to create the ultimate stage set through handmade props, dramatic lighting effects, costume designs and any other artistic visuals to spotlight their story.

Everyone will be sure to learn new skills, discuss the evolution of concept albums and how to combine the edginess and precise inflection a pop opera requires. This camp is ideal for those who already sing or play an instrument at an intermediate level and would like to take their talents further through the making of one cohesive album’s worth of fantastical narrative music. By the end of the week, our campers will be ready to hit the Sunburst Stage with an amazing musical performance that will capture the hearts of their audience and enchant the imagination.


Dates: July 22nd-26th

Times: 9am-3pm

Ages: 7-15

Price: $349 

To sign up for camp, follow the link below to check out. If you are a current or former Sunburst student you already have a Pike 13 account, otherwise follow the instructions for setting one up. After checking out you will receive an email with the Camp Registration packet.

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Camp Studio

camp studio 2019 1000 studioCamp Studio is Sunburst’s most fun-packed camp of the season! In just five days campers will be challenged with the task of writing, producing and recording original songs in collaboration with other creative young musicians. Together we’ll go through every part of the music production process and learn to use tools such as DAW software, microphones, audio interfaces, software instruments and more.

In addition to learning the musical aspects of creating an album, campers will learn the importance of album packaging, how to work together to design compelling album art and craft DIY music videos for a few of their favorite songs. To celebrate their hard work, campers will plan their very own Album Release Party at the end of the week for their family, friends and FANS!

To learn more about our previous Camp Studio projects and to get your kiddos excited for this year’s camp, check out the blog section of our website (sunburstmusic.com/blog). You’ll find great content from our 2018 Camp Studio including finished albums, music videos, and remix stems.


Dates: August 5th-9th

Times: 9am-3pm

Ages: 7-15

Price: $349 

To sign up for camp, follow the link below to check out. If you are a current or former Sunburst student you already have a Pike 13 account, otherwise follow the instructions for setting one up. After checking out you will receive an email with the Camp Registration packet.

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Warped Summer

Warped Summer 2019warped 2019 Warped Summer Camp is only a mosh pit away and your chance to rebel on stage with your favorite punk hits. This year Sunburst will be celebrating Warped Tour’s 25th Anniversary and their final cross-country run. We’ll explore Warped Tour’s diverse history of bands and genres, learn the DIY ethics of what it takes to form your own punk band and play your favorite 2 minute songs while creating a few originals.

Besides learning the basics, you’ll examine the dynamics of booking a DIY summer tour, dive into the art of designing and creating band merchandise (Flyers/Buttons/Summer Tour Shirt and Patches) and promote our punk summer hit singles! You’re not that great of a bassist? No problem! Not great at singing? No worries! Know 4 chords? . . .you’re in the band! Warped Summer is all about exploring Punk Rock music, starting a band, rehearsing punk hits and deep cuts, and go wild on stage in one action packed week. We’ll end the big summer tour playing on the Sunburst Stage at the end of the week.


Dates: August 12th-16th

Times: 9am-3pm

Ages: 7-15

Price: $349 

To sign up for camp, follow the link below to check out. If you are a current or former Sunburst student you already have a Pike 13 account, otherwise follow the instructions for setting one up. After checking out you will receive an email with the Camp Registration packet.

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Camp Discounts

We have a few options for saving money on our camps this year. Discounts cannot be combined, so choose which is best for you:

Bring a Friend

Enroll in a camp with a non-family member friend who is totally new to Sunburst and BOTH campers get a whopping $100 OFF!! For the new student, this must be there very first Sunburst experience. Code: FRIEND19

Family Discount

$30 OFF of camps for siblings. Code: FAM19

Early Bird Discount

$50 OFF of camps before March 1st. Code: EARLY19

Multiple Camps Discount

Sign the same student up for multiple camps and receive $75 OFF for all but the first. Use code MULT19 at checkout for the subsequent camps.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We reserve a few spots every year for students who are unable to afford tuition. Please get in touch with us here for details.

Camp FAQ


Which age group should we request for a child with a summer birthday?

Campers must be the appropriate age on the date the selected camp begins.

For example: Children who turn 7 after August 12th 2019 are too young for participation in 2019 Spring and Summer camps.

Please see age details for each Sunburst camp theme as they may differ due to complexity of concepts and activities.

Why do you use ages, rather than grade levels, to determine eligibility for camp?

As a non-school institution with year-round programs, age is the most appropriate way for Sunburst to plan programs. All activities are student-centered and designed to appeal to kids with a range of abilities and prior knowledge


What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our teachers have up to date clearances and lots of experience working with kids in music lessons, group programs and camps. We are also proud to say that most of our instructors are active members of the Pittsburgh music community and have extensive performance experience.

How many teachers do you have per camp?

The student-to-teacher ratio varies based on age of campers and complexity of activities in each camp.
Most camps max out at 6 children per instructor.

What’s your security like?

  • Parents/guardians must park their vehicles and enter the building to sign children in and out of spring and summer camps. Unless given a written consent for child to enter and exit building on their own.

  • If an injury or other emergency occurs, the emergency contact specified on the Camper Registration will be contacted.

Do you provide snacks?

Snacks are provided and there's a water fountain located in the lobby of our school. Snacks consist of pretzels and/or chips.

Is lunch provided? 

  • Campers must bring a packed lunch every day.

  • Parents/guardians are permitted to send lunch money with camper if they would like to be escorted by camp staff to the pizza parlour, Bellino’s (located on the first floor of our building).

  • Refrigeration for lunches is not available.

  • Please be advised that campers do not have access to vending machines.

  • Campers are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles marked with their names.


What should my child bring for camp?

  • All materials are provided unless otherwise specified.

  • Campers participate in a range of activities that may involve paint, markers, glue, and other fun materials. Please dress your camper accordingly.

  • Students are also encouraged to bring their own instruments if they prefer.

May I attend camp with my child?

Parents and guardians are welcome to observe camp programs. However, our goal is for campers to participate in activities independently and with their peers. If you have concerns about your child’s level of comfort or independence, please indicate your concerns at the time of registration, and our staff will contact you to discuss your child’s needs.

Do you provide transportation or bus passes to camps?

No travel to or from camp is provided by Sunburst. Parents/guardians are responsible for drop-off and pick-up during scheduled periods.

What are the drop-off and pick-up policies?


Parents/guardians must sign campers in and out every day. Campers ages 11–15 may sign themselves in/out of camp if indicated on the Camper Registration. Individuals other than a parent/guardian may pick up a camper only if they are listed on the Camper Registration and present photo I.D.

begins at 8:45am–9 a.m.

Sign-out beings at 3 p.m.

Some of these camps mention concerts? What is the deal with these?

Each of our camps ends with a concert or performance at the end of the day on Friday from 3-4pm. Parents, friends and family are all invited and encouraged to attend. 


Does your camp accommodate special needs?

Sunburst School of Music welcomes all visitors. We work to assist visitors with disabilities in obtaining reasonable and appropriate accommodations. Unfortunately, our school’s building does not have wheelchair accessibility.

How do you handle food distribution for children with food allergies?

Please list your child’s food allergies on the Medical Form provided in the Camper Registration, including any special accommodations your child may require because of the allergy. 

Sunburst has a “no food sharing” or “no food trading” rule. We encourage hand washing with liquid soap and sanitizer wipes after food handling and eating. We can also use seating arrangements to minimize exposure to food allergens, while ensuring that children with food allergies do not sit alone.


When do I receive the Camper Registration?

Camper Registration will be received via email after you’ve made a payment for the camp of your choice. Our Camper Registration contains medical forms, a questionnaire, sign-in and sign-out procedures, etc. All forms must be filled and signed 7 days before your camper's first day. Completed forms can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or printed and mailed to:

Sunburst School of Music
5843 Forbes Ave, Suite 201
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Can I make a deposit on a camp?

No, camp tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes! Please see discounts section above.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! It’s important to us to make sure that our programs are accessible to anyone. We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships we provide for our camps each year. Please inquire for details.

 What is the cancellation policy?

  • Camps cancelled for any reason up to 14 days prior to the camps start date will result in a refund less a $75 service fee.

  • Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance will not receive a refund.

  • Sunburst reserves the right to cancel programs due to insufficient enrollment. If this is to occur, full refunds will be given.

Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


Sunburst School of Music

5843 Forbes Avenue, Suite 201

Pittsburgh, PA 15217