"Excellent instructor! His teaching style has a very balanced blend of theoretical/technical aspects and hands on playing—keeping lessons interesting and full of learning. I’ve had a lot of fun and have learnt many new songs and techniques thanks to Sunburst. I highly recommend taking lessons from Sunburst."
"In music, there’s a difference between learning from a teacher and learning from a player. With a teacher, you learn how to play the notes and what it’s supposed to sound like: with a player, you learn how to play music the way you want it to sound. The Instructors at Sunburst are true players and can help you become one too!"
"Three years ago I decided to pursue a lifelong dream of learning to play the guitar. Why I put it off so long, I don’t know! I have watched the evolution of Alex’s vision for this truly unique school of music for the community of Pittsburgh. Whatever direction you want to go, whatever age you are, Alex and his staff will take you there in a relaxing, fun way, in a beautiful studio environment. You will learn music theory, play songs you like, develop your songwriting, singing, and performing skills, and learn about music recording. Their love of music and teaching is apparent and infectious! Don’t ignore your dreams! This is the coolest music school in town! Sunburst Rocks!"
"Sunburst is a locally grown and managed music school staffed with instructors who love music and can teach students of all ages. The Sunburst studio facilities (custom-built for the school in 2014) are top notch. We have two guitarists and one bass player in the family taking lessons at Sunburst, and we are having a lot of fun. We recommend Sunburst."
"Sunburst School of Music is one of the best schools in the city of Pittsburgh with devoted teachers who are truly talented."
"My son had never picked up a guitar before entering Sunburst School of Music. Within three months he had learned to play several songs. The songs were chosen by him. The instructor customizes his lessons to meet each student's particular interests and abilities. Skills are taught along the way. My son's interest in guitar/music has skyrocketed since he has been involved with Sunburst."
"I am 41 years old and taking up guitar for the first time. I had tried several teachers prior to stumbling upon Sunburst. I knew in the first session that I had found the right guy. I wanted to learn theory, sure, but I really wanted to learn to play songs and ultimately write my own. They got it, and we’ve been moving forward steadily ever since. I cannot recommend Sunburst School of Music highly enough."
"Awesome! I learned so much about guitar in a short period of time…"

Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


Sunburst School of Music

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