Bass Lessons

bass lessonsBeginning bass students start one note at a time learning technique for both hands, music reading, melodies and bass lines from songs they know and love. For intermediate and advanced students, lessons become about digging into songs and techniques of a specific genre, developing musicianship skills through theory and ear training, and learning more about the role of the bass in modern music.

As we do with all students, we are constantly encouraging our bass students to perform either solo, through our band programs, or to seek out other musicians to form groups with.

We offer all new students a free first lesson of up to 45 minutes. Request Info today or call (412) 475-8280 to get started! 

Private Lesson Rates

Our rates are by the month for lessons every week (4-5 lessons each month):

Weekly half hour lessons

$109 per month

Weekly 45 minute lessons

$155 per month

Weekly hour lessons

$199 per month

We have a flexible cancellation and make up policy! For full details, click here

We offer semi-private lessons for friends and family members, inquire for details...

Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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