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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  April 10, 2017 

Spring Recitals, Summer Lite Plan, Summer Kick off Party - April 2017 - Sunburst News

Our spring recital concerts are a great way to show off what you've been working on for friends and family! Also read about our summer lite plan for travelers.

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  February 14, 2017 

Summer Camp Special - February 2017 - Sunburst News

These month's newsletter is all about our spring break and summer camps! Get ready for weeks of non-stop music, art and fun this summer at Sunburst.

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  January 17, 2017 

Spring Group Program Spectacular - January 2017 - Sunburst News

Its a new year and a great time to join the band with group programs for kids at Sunburst!

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  November 14, 2016 

Practicing Tips, Picture Day and more... - November 2016 - Sunburst News

This month's newsletter has some practicing tips to help you set and keep goals and keep your playing move in the right direction. BurghSong returns to Sunburst Saturday Nov 19th, plus more details on our recitals, practice session and picture day.

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  October 13, 2016 

Winter Recital Concerts Announced! - October 2016 - Sunburst News

 In this month's newsletter we're announcing our Winter Recital Concert, practice session and halloween party! Read about our past recital concerts and our upcoming practice session and picture day, plus piano instructor Lucas Bowman is under the instructor spotlight...

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  August 11, 2016 

Just Press Play Camp 2016

Last week we concluded our 2016 Summer Camp Season with Just Press Play, our recording studio camp. Over the course of 5 action packed days our campers worked in teams of Producers, Engineers and Musicians to craft original songs from conception to mixed and mastered recordings. Some tracks were put together via experimentation with sampling records or video game sound effects, while others came out of a more traditional rock band jam. Overall everyone worked really hard and did a great job, check out their recordings and let us know what you think!


Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  December 07, 2014 

Handmade Arcade Loops

Thanks to everyone for being a part of our Loop Creation Station at Handmade Arcade. Check out what we made together!

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  July 26, 2014 

Hit the Studio Camp 2014 - An Album in a Week!

We've just completed our 'Hit the Studio' summer camp and we're eager to share the results. At the beginning of the week the kids were given a challenge: to create an album in a week with each of them producing a track. 

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Alex Stanton by Alex Stanton  June 13, 2014 

Learning Songs By Ear

Ever seen someone figure out how to play a song just by hearing it? Its not magic, its music theory! You don't have to be a virtuoso musician to do it, it just takes practice like anything else. Use this guide to get started figuring out your favorites for any instrument...

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Ernie Francestine by Ernie Francestine  October 16, 2014 

Ryan Adams and Pax-Am Records

Ryan Adams released his 14th album on 9/9/14 titled "Ryan Adams" on Pax-Am Records. Fourteen records is a lot for any musician, let alone Adams who is only 39. However, he has managed to make his best sounding and most accessible album to date.

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Instrument Rental

Want to start taking lessons but don't yet have an instrument? We have tons in the studio available for you to use or rent!


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