If you’re wanting to find some community among the singer-songwriter crowd in Pittsburgh and improve your songwriting process along the way, check out our Sunburst Songwriters group! 

Songs and ideas are everywhere in the world around us, and this class will help train your brain to notice them, harness them, and develop them into your own unique creation. We will also talk about song structure, music and lyrics, and work together to help each other grow as writers and musicians! 

This class will be largely workshop based with some instructional exercises to help inspire creativity! Our guitar instructor and songwriter, Bronwyn Doyle will be leading this class. She has an awesome passion for songwriting and is an amazing musician!

All students ages 15+, regardless of their skill level, are welcome. We are very excited to see where this group takes you! This course will be offered remotely via Zoom starting in September. See additional details below! 



• Wednesday, 730:-9:00

Age Range

• 15 and up

Skill Level

• All

Equipment Requirements

• Materials for note taking (e.g. pen, paper, tablet, etc.)